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Play Monopoly Live Online

The category of live casino games may surprise you as companies try their best to win the share of the audience and build a solid base of loyal players. Monopoly Live is nothing but one incentive for gamblers to join the casino as this game is very addictive. Those who try to play at least once will forever remember the variety of unusual functions.

How Monopoly Live Works

Currently developed by a limited number of providers (Hasbro and Evolution Gaming), Monopoly Live combines the classic elements of the traditional Wheel of Fortune with other best features.

All that is required of the player is to spin the wheel. The game’s rules are quite simple, and the live casino gameplay is very addicting. Usually, Monopoly Live can be accessed around the clock and is distinguished by the presence of additional bonuses and prizes.

A professional dealer who communicates with all game participants throughout the whole time conducts the live game. These specialists know all the gameplay’s intricacies and work shifts so players can enjoy their favourite game whenever they want.

Monopoly Live Features

As we said, Monopoly Live combines addictive gameplay with many unique and memorable features. This makes the game more interesting, interactive and fun. Each participant can get into any sector of the wheel of Chance, Forward, Community Chests, Hotels, Houses, Super Tax and Prison during the game. Certain bonuses and promotions characterize each sector. For example, Hotel and House give the punter higher payouts.

How to Play Money Wheel

The player uses the interface to bet on one or more options from the list of available segments:

  • 1, 2, 5, 10;
  • 2 or 4 rolls.

First, all participants in the game make their bets on one or more sectors. After the time dedicated to placing bets, the dealer starts the round by spinning the wheel. This wheel consists of 54 different sectors. Numbers including 1, 2, 5 and 10 appear on the wheel 48 times. There are also two Chance sectors, three 2 Rolls and one 4 Rolls. If the wheel stops on the Chance sector or on the one on which the player placed a bet, they are considered the winners.

If the money wheel stops on the 2/4 Rolls segment, the player proceeds to the so-called bonus rounds. The Chance sector means that Mr. Monopoly gives the punter a chance card. This card may contain a cash prize or an indication of a bonus game using a multiplier. In the second option, the bets of all participants continue to be valid, and the host spins the wheel again.

Evolution Gaming’s legendary version of Monopoly Live is based on the traditional table game. Therefore, the game includes the same elements, such as Corner Squares, Super Tax, 2x Chance segment, money wheel and many more.

Sectors with Numbers

All segments with numbers (1, 2, 5 and 10) pay cash prizes. The amounts may vary depending on the conditions of the online operator.

2 and 4 Rolls. These sectors activate bonus games. During these games, Mr. Monopoly moves around a 3-D game board. This field contains all the elements we talked about earlier. Dice rolls are performed, and Mr. Monopoly collects prizes around the playing field, depending on which of the squares he stops on. If the player is lucky, they can get up to 200 multipliers during this round.

Chance Sector

If the wheel stops on the Chance sector, the gambler gets a card with either the prize amount or a multiplier bonus. If this card contains a multiplier, then all players’ bets remain valid, and any subsequent winnings are multiplied.

Odds of Winning and RTP in Monopoly

When it comes to a player’s chances of winning in a Monopoly Live developed by Evolution Gaming, it all depends on their bets. The average RTP of a game is 93%, below the return to player in table games and most slot games. Some punters use the online operator’s bonus offers to increase their chances of winning.

Bet TypeWinning OddsPayoutsTheoretical RTP
2 Rolls5.6%Up to $500,00093.9%
4 Rolls1.9%Up to $500,00093.7%

Live Monopoly Strategy

Monopoly Live is a game based entirely on the element of luck. Therefore, if a player is interested in big winnings, they need to bet on the sector with the highest theoretical RTP. Therefore, it is no surprise that many gamblers bet on 2 and 4 Rolls as they can stand a chance of hitting up to 200 multipliers. However, following this tactic, you must understand that the risks are very high since the chances that these particular segments will fall out are very low.

Many online operators offer bonuses when playing Monopoly Live. These can be deposit bonuses or cashback as compensation for losses. In any case, this gives the player more chances to wager. Before agreeing to receive a bonus, please read the wagering requirements.