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Guide to High Roller Casinos

Casino whales or high rollers are known among gamblers as players who prefer high stakes and big risks. Such punters have impressive bankrolls, and online operators like to reward such players with VIP treatment and exclusive offers. If earlier high rollers had to visit special areas with high stakes in land-based casinos, today, there are options for online high roller casinos on the Internet.

How a Canadian Player Becomes a High Roller

Contrary to popular belief that you need to make a couple of big bets to become a high roller, this is far from the only condition. If a punter wants to join the casino whale community, they need to wager significant amounts on a regular basis. As a result, only big active players attract the attention of the site administration.

If we talk about online operators specializing exclusively in high-stakes games, you need to make large deposits regularly to become a VIP player of this level. Given the high risks and large sums at stake, you need to be careful when choosing the best high roller casinos. But if you are lucky enough to become a casino whale, then special services and exclusive promotion programs are provided to you.

Reasons to Play at High Roller Casino

Players who bet large amounts on the line receive appropriate service from online operators, including a personal manager. Below we have named the main reasons Canadian players dream of being a high roller at least once.


Progressive Jackpot Games

High rollers have access to slots with progressive jackpots. And this is not strange because the jackpot reaches huge values sooner or later by placing large bets. So for those with a hefty bankroll and who can afford to lose large sums, the opportunity to try their luck in winning the millionth jackpot is a lot of excitement and adrenaline.

Money Transfer

Fast Transactions

Casino whales receive VIP treatment, and this includes payment processing. Usually, deposits and withdrawals for high rollers are processed faster compared to regular punters.

Vip Manage

Personal VIP Manager

Most high roller casinos provide VIP clients with personal managers available even on weekends. These specialists help players with deposits and withdrawals and answer all other questions. Its main task is to provide the highest quality and comfortable gaming experience.


Ability to Get Credits

Active high rollers can get credit advances from the casino. The casino administration understands that players spend huge amounts, so they go to meet regular customers by offering them credit advances. This works well when, for example, banking transactions reach the limit per day.


Unique Offers

In addition to standard and exclusive bonuses and promotions, high roller casinos also indulge active players with unique prizes. For example, casino whales can attend various events and play in closed tournaments. As well, the casino administration often gives gifts to big players in the form of gadgets, such as smartphones, laptops, etc.

Land-based vs Virtual Casinos for High Rollers

It is worth recognizing that the gameplay of virtual high roller casinos has achieved significant success and continues to win the hearts of gambling lovers. However, many casino whales still prefer land-based tables with high stakes.

To evaluate which way of playing is right for you, we have compiled a list of privileges for each type of high roller casino, land-based and virtual.

Physical Game HallsOnline Casino Platforms
• Free accommodation in the deluxe rooms of the casino hotel

• Free transfer to and from the establishment, if necessary

• Personal host and VIP service at the casino

• Free drinks and snacks

• Cashback bonus from 0.2% to 0.3%

• Gifts in the form of tickets for various events
• More favourable conditions for wagering bonus offers

• Possibility to collect a certain number of points in the loyalty program and increase the level

• Personal manager available around the clock

• More flexible bonus system

• Participation in closed online tournaments